Monday, February 10, 2014

The Puppet Type System Blog Posts

The Puppet Type System

In Puppet 3.5's future parser there is a new type system that makes it much easier to write validation logic for parameters (and much more). I have written a series of blog posts about the new type system - and this post is just an index to the series.

It works best if they are read in the order they were published:

I will update this index blog post when there are new posts in the series. Also, if there are changes to the implementation, I will try to keep the blog posts updated.

There are also posts about the Puppet Type System's Ruby API. These posts are for those that contribute to Puppet itself or write plugins.


  1. New post in this series shows how to do type operations with future parser as an alternative to using the functions in stdlib,

  2. Post updated with links to the Puppet Type System Ruby API posts.

  3. Post updated with a link to "The Puppet 4.0.0 type system changes" which describes some recent updates to the type system.